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Energy efficiency is the goal - guaranteed!

BES BuildingEnergySolutions GmbH, formerly IMMOSOLAR Group, was established in 1996. Since then the company has sought to develop, manufacture and sell renewable energy systems for heating and cooling in a sustainable way. The company's core values is to achieve the highest energy efficiency, as well as the supply of sustainable, secure and affordable energy based on renewable energies. Among others, the company has been awarded the Energy Efficiency Prize EOR 2007 for its pioneering work.

THE System

You want to know how our system works? Here is a video that gives a complete overview of the interaction of all components present in the system.

Location of ground source storage

Do you want to see how quickly a ground source storage is integrated into the building in the ongoing construction site? Here is a time-lapse from the excavation of the building pit to the erection of the walls on the 1st floor.


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Interested in the new construction of the Eintracht Frankfurt professional camp, how our system was implemented in an apartment building, or what our e-TALK 4.0 control system can do?


Over the years, we have realised many large and small, but all interesting and highly efficient projects. For the projects, the BES system is specifically adapted to the building, the planned use and the occupants. We are pleased to present a selection of the realised projects here.


Any system is only as good as its individual components. Our products are already highly efficient on their own and thus form the perfect components for interaction in the system by sharing synergies and thus directing the flow of energy to where it is needed or, if there is no demand at the moment, storing the energy for later.

Questions and answers

Is the geothermal storage system harmful to the environment / health?

Do I have to get permission for a ground source storage?

How big does the solar system have to be?

Can I also integrate photovoltaic collectors?

What about remote monitoring of the system?

How much do I save with the BES system?

Can the system also be used for cooling?


Here are the answers!

Got courious?

We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about our system and our products and advise you on how to implement your project with the highest possible energy efficiency!


We look forward to hearing from you!