All Eintracht Fußball AG employees, from the licensed players to the different departments and the board of directors, should work under one roof in the future.


The architecture of the building aims to represent the sports club through its restrained classic elegance and the high quality, present in every little detail.


The building project will be equipped with a sustainable and efficient energy solution, which includes a combination of solar thermal energy, heat pumps and a ground heat exchanger in conjunction with heating and cooling surface systems.


This results in a CO2 saving of around...

New building of Profi Camp Eintracht Frankfurt

The regulations of the e-TALK serie are developed to further optimize the interaction of solar systems in combination with heat pumps and ground heat exchanger.


The aim of this comprehensive system control is to maximize the solar energy supply and to supply it to the most suitable temperature level according to needs.


This maximizes the efficiency of both, solar systems and heat pumps, as well as the energy efficiency of the building technology. The integration and use of solar-generated electricity through photovoltaic collectors is possible at any time.

e-TALK 4.0

The construction project in Kitzingen, Bavaria, is to offer 14 families a new home on 5 floors plus underground parking.


Large glass fronts result in bright, light-flooded rooms. A higher standard, KFW 55, including cooling was built.


Energy efficiency was very important to the client, which is why the BES EnergyRoutingSystem was ideal.

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New construcction apartment building in Kitzingen

The construction project in Walding, Austria, has an investment volume of around € 4 million.


Its area is approx. 4,000m².


Of this, approx. 300 m² are offices, approx. 700 m² are production area and approx. 1,300 m² are storage space.


The area to be heated and cooled is approx. 2000m².


In order to achieve the zero energy standard, the energy for heating, domestic hot water and cooling should be done using solar thermal, photovoltaic and heat pump technology..

LME's head office new construcction 

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